vf-tropicom Meteorological Analysis for Africa

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Preliminary Monthly Weather Analysis
Subsaharan Africa 2007

From the African Desk, Climate Prediction Center, NOAA
Note: This information should be used with caution.
Weather data based on preliminary reports.

  • March 1-10 2007 - Crop prospects continued to fade in the Maize Triangle of South Africa as the rainy season continued to perform poorly. Heavy rains hit northern Mozambique and areas along the central coast maintaining flood threats along the Zambezi River. Light rains signaled a slow start to the rainy season in southwestern Kenya. In central Africa, satellite rainfall estimates indicated moisture surpluses (50-150 mm) over local areas in southern Gabon, northern and southwestern Congo, and central DRC. Dry conditions prevailed across most of CAR and the northern half of Cameroon. Light to moderate rains (1-50 mm) fell over southern Cameroon. For the month of February, enhanced rainfall activity spread from Congo, eastern Gabon, southwestern CAR, and southern Cameroon. Rainfall totals in those areas ranged between 47 and 286mm (85-139% of normal). Rainfall totals were only between 100 and 150 mm across DRC. >
  • February 21-28 2007 - Tropical Cyclone Favio eased dryness over portions of southern Mozambique, but caused property damage and casualties in many areas, including the Vilankulos District and the Inhambane Province. Light rains sustained moisture deficits in many parts of southern Africa, including the Maize Triangle of South Africa. In central Africa, moderate to heavy rains (25-85mm, 80-292% of normal) fell over southwestern Gabon and over the northeastern and southwestern parts of CAR. Dry conditions prevailed elsewhere.
  • February 1-10 2007 - Heavy rains continued to strike Madagascar, northern Mozambique, Tanzania, and eastern Zambia, but lighter rains benefited flooded areas in central Mozambique. Drought persisted in southern Mozambique and southern Zimbabwe, while favorable showers spread across South Africa and Botswana. In central Africa, rainfall amounts ranged from nil in northern CAR to over 75 mm in southern DRC, and locally 200 mm in coastal Gabon. Totals were generally below normal in northern DRC and above normal in southern DRC, Congo, and Gabon. Temperatures averaged above normal in Gabon and near normal elsewhere.
  • January 1-10 2007 - Heavy rains inundated Madagascar and central Mozambique, and unfavorably wet weather persisted from southern Kenya into Tanzania. Beneficially dry weather covered Somalia and northeastern Kenya. In central Africa, rainfall amounts tended to be above normal (over 75 mm) in central DRC but below normal elsewhere. Temperatures averaged near normal.
  • December 11-20 2006 - Favorably drier weather covered much of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, easing the flood threat, but heavy rains continued across Tanzania. Below-normal rainfall again affected parts of central and southern Mozambique and southern Zimbabwe, but beneficial showers dampened key maize areas in South Africa. In central Africa, seasonably dry weather prevailed over CAR, but amounts of 75 to 150 mm (125-200% of normal) fell over southern DRC and coastal Gabon. Temperatures averaged 1 to 3 degrees C below normal over much of the region.
  • December 1-10 2006 - Unfavorably wet conditions continued over the Horn of Africa, although rainfall totals diminished in southern Somalia and Kenya. The remains of Tropical Storm Anita contributed to heavy rains in Madagascar, but overall rainfall across southern Africa was below normal. In central Africa, up to 200 mm of rain fell in southern Congo near the Gabon border, but overall rainfall in the region generally ranged from nil in CAR to 10 to 50 mm across DRC. Temperatures averaged near normal.

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