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Free Textbook developed by Rice University,
University of Houston Clear Lake, and Tufts University

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Class 1 Materials

PowerPoint: Population, Sample, Parameter, Statistic

Handout: Population, Sample, Parameter, Statistic

In-Class Practice Spreadsheet:
     Population, Sample, Parameter, Statistic - Beads and Hair Color

Homework: Summary Tables and Graphs in Excel - Eye Color

Document: How to Enter Formulas in Excel

Class 2 Materials

PowerPoint: Type of Data

PowerPoint: Graphs

Handout: Type of Data and Graphs

Class 3 Materials

PowerPoint: Frequencies
     (does not include cumulative frequencies)

Handout: Frequencies

In-Class Practice Spreadsheet: Frequencies - Internet Usage

Document: How to Do Graphs in Excel

Class 4 Materials

PowerPoint: Central Tendency (Averages)

Document: How to Do Descriptive Statistics in Excel

Class 5 Materials

PowerPoint: Variability

In-Class Practice Spreadsheet: Descriptive Statistics and
     Multiple Comparison Graphs in Excel - Salary Comparison

Homework: Multiple Comparison Graphs in Excel - Cocoa Products

Document: How to Do a Multiple Comparison Graph in Excel

Class 6 Materials

PowerPoint: Fractiles (includes cumulative frequencies)

PowerPoint: Boxplots

Document: How to Do IQR in Excel

Class 7 Materials

PowerPoint: Sampling

PowerPoint: Experimental Design

Class 8 Materials

PowerPoint: Correlation

PowerPoint: Regression

Class 9 Materials

PowerPoint: Time Series Forecasting

Document: How to Do Time Series Forecasts in Excel

Class 10 Materials

PowerPoint: Moving Averages

Class 11 Materials

PowerPoint: Probability (includes combinatorics)

PowerPoint: Discrete Random Variables (Binomial)

Class 12 Materials

PowerPoint: Normal Probability

PowerPoint: Sampling Distributions

PowerPoint: Confidence Intervals

Document: How to Graph Confidence Intervals in Excel

Class 13 Materials

PowerPoint: Hypothesis Tesing

Class 14 Materials

PowerPoint: t-Tests

Document: How to Do a t-Test in Excel

PowerPoint: ANOVA

Document: How to Do ANOVA in Excel

Class 15 Materials

PowerPoint: Chi-Square

PowerPoint: Process Control

Project Materials

Data for projects generated in class:

     Hand Measurements

     Favorite Diamond Simulants

     Favorite White Gemstones

     Height vs Reach

     Cephalic Index

Example Projects:

     Regression Project
     Thanks to Layne Proctor!

     ANOVA Project
     Thanks to Virginia Tallmadge!

     Chi-Sq Project
     Thanks to Derrik Echevarria!

     Confidence Interval Project

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